The Story of FUNctional Accessories


Hi, I’m Taylor! (in some circles “Taylor The Ukulelor” and in others “Tay Sera”). I’m a Canadian singer/songwriter with a passion for creating music! I’ve written lyrics & melodies from the time I could speak, but didn’t pick up an instrument until I was 18. I started on guitar and soon fell in love with a 4-stringed instrument that’s as easy to play as it is FUN – the ukulele!


FUNctional Accessories all began with Acouskins, which was an idea inspired by my first sewing lesson at age 12. I realized fabric can be tailored to fit any shape, and my Dad’s  guitar just happened to be in the room at the time. It seemed silly then, but 10 years later I thought, “Hey, why not?!” 🙂 I spent a year designing the guitar garment before hitting the road with the first batch in the summer of 2015!


30daysofig2Around this time, strawberries just happened to be in season (mmmm!!) and as I daydreamed about them, I realized these cute lil’ fruits are quite similar in shape to guitar picks. Of course, the “Freshly Picked” pun was RIGHT there… I laughed out loud to myself (in public), then thought, “Wait…” and you can see where that led!


Through the process of developing these products, I realized how important practicality is to me. I wanted to create FUN products to share with musicians like me, but never at the expense of their function. Every guitar player needs picks, and every acoustic guitar could use a little extra protection. Thus, FUNctional Accessories was born!